Watch Muslims Lead People to Islam

Posted: September 10, 2012 by Alan Shlemon in Choosing My Religion
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There were 500 Muslims at the Olympics in London this summer who were leading people to recite the shahada (the Christian equivalent of the sinner’s prayer). They even claimed their efforts were more peaceful and personable than the Christians who were there preaching.

Here’s the key question (which the late Walter Martin used to ask): “Are you willing to do for the truth what the cults do for a lie?” Well, Islam is not a cult as we or Walter Martin defined it, but the point still applies. Muslims don’t have the truth and yet look at what they’re doing. Now, I know there are many Christians reaching out to non-believers so I’m not ignoring that. But sometimes seeing videos like this gets me more motivated because it helps me see what’s at stake.

  1. Sam Harper says:

    Maybe some day Muslims will start going door to door. So far I’ve never had one come to my house.

    • Adrian Urias says:

      Yeah, door to door has never happened to me, but I have had a few come up to me share at school. I don’t remember them being this enthusiastic like 5 years ago.

      That’s why I purchased the Ambassadors Guide to Islam 🙂

  2. Kent says:

    What was interesting, the poor guy at the end had to recite the “sinner’s prayer” in Arabic. Thanks for sharing this clip.