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Check out the April podcasts:

Thinking Out Loud with Alan Shlemon: “Is There a Life Unworthy of Life?” Alan explains what happened during his recent abortion presentation to medical students at USC’s Keck School of Medicine (RSS, iTunes).

Bulletproof with Brett Kunkle: “Practice What You Preach.” How did Brett break into a conversation on same-sex marriage, with perfect strangers? By doing something that is absolutely vital as we train up a new generation of ambassadors for Christ (RSS, iTunes).

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You Need a Summit Semester

Posted: April 5, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Resources

College students, I think you should seriously consider the Summit Semester program. Very seriously. I hope my own kids will have the opportunity to attend one day.

New Bulletproof Podcasts Available

Posted: March 5, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Resources

“Is What We Have What They Wrote?”: How do we give our students confidence in the Bible? Brett shares his approach.

“Take Students With You”:  Do you feel like there’s little time to train your students in the midst of life’s busyness? Brett offers one practical solution: take students with you.

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STR Place’s “Q & A LIVE” Event — December 15

Posted: December 13, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Events, Resources

If you’re a junior high, high school or college student, we want your questions…LIVE!   This coming Thursday night, December 15, from 7 to 8 pm (Pacific Standard Time — that’s West Coast time!), you’ll have a chance to ask me all your BIG questions about God, Christianity, life, right and wrong, love and dating, and whatever else you can think of.

All you need to do is go to this page on the 15th. You’ll be able to ask questions and hear my answers LIVE. (You can also send in questions through Twitter @BrettKunkleSTR.) See you then!

Risen Jesus & Mike Licona

Posted: November 28, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Jesus Changes Everything, Resources

Mike Licona is a really smart guy.  Have you seen his 700-page book on the resurrection of Jesus?  Insane.  Well, he’s starting up a new ministry called Risen Jesus, to equip believers know what they believe and why they believe it.  Check out the people endorsing Mike’s work:

And check out a little bit of Mike’s work for yourself:

The November podcasts are up:

Thinking Out Loud with Alan Shlemon: “Are You Ready to Talk to a Muslim?” Alan tells the story of how he recently role-played a Muslim to a group of Christians. Find out how they responded to the Muslim Challenge (RSS, iTunes).

Bulletproof with Brett Kunkle: “Dealing with Doubt—Part One.” How should we deal with doubt in our young people? Creating space for doubt is important, but is it enough? Brett offers some thoughts on this important topic (RSS, iTunes).

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Interview: Think Christianly

Posted: October 26, 2011 by Amy Hall in God is Real, Resources

Brett has posted a new Bulletproof podcast:

Think Christianly: An Interview with Author & Pastor Jonathan Morrow

What does it mean to “think Christianly?” How do we do it and how do we help our kids do it? Brett discusses how Christianity must be integrated with every area of our lives with Jonathan Morrow, author of Think Christianly: Looking at the Intersection of Faith and Culture.

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Posted: October 20, 2011 by Amy Hall in Resources

News alert! If you subscribe to Brett’s podcast, Just Think, please note it’s been combined with Bulletproof to create one, big podcast. So Bulletproof is now the place to be, and Just Think will soon disappear from iTunes. If you want to keep receiving Brett’s podcasts, be sure to subscribe to Bulletproof (RSS, iTunes).

Back-to-School and Graphic Images

Posted: October 19, 2011 by Amy Hall in Do the Right Thing, Resources

Here are the October podcasts:

Bulletproof with Brett Kunkle: “It’s Back-to-School Time—Keep Your Guard Up.” If you send your students onto a public school campus, there’s good reason to be on guard. Christian parents must equip their kids with a missionary mindset (RSS, iTunes).

Thinking Out Loud with Alan Shlemon: “The Power of Graphic Images.” Find out what the FDA and smoking have in common with the pro-life movement (RSS, iTunes).

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September’s podcasts from Alan and Brett:

Thinking Out Loud with Alan Shlemon: “Serving the Church in Egypt, While in Lebanon.” Alan talks about his recent trip to Lebanon and training Egyptians in witnessing to Muslims (RSS, iTunes).

Just Think with Brett Kunkle: “Is the Bible Intolerant?” At a recent youth conference, Brett helped students think through the accusation that the Bible and Bible-believing Christians are intolerant (RSS, iTunes).

And we have a third one today, as well—Brett’s podcast for parents, youth leaders, and educators:

Bulletproof with Brett Kunkle: “The Culture’s One-Two Punch.” At a recent support-raising banquet, Brett discussed two powerful cultural challenges our youth face: the intellectual and the moral. And what’s the result when youth are unprepared for them? We lose them (RSS, iTunes).

You can always find links to our podcasts on the homepage.