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Is the best possible world one in which only God exists? Do non-God objects pose a problem for the Christian view of God as a maximally great being?  My response to this week’s challenge:

A tweet from the skeptics at the Reasonable Doubts podcast inspired today’s challenge:

What do you say? How do you answer this challenge? Leave your ideas in the comments below, and we’ll hear Brett’s answer later this week.

Alan answers the question of whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

Challenge Response: Only Tyrants Demand Worship

Posted: September 22, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in God is Real, Weekly Challenge

We’re wrapping up our New Zealand speaking tour, but were still able to answer this week’s challenge!

Challenge: Only Tyrants Demand Worship

Posted: September 18, 2012 by Amy Hall in God is Real, Weekly Challenge

I found this challenge in “Top 50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer.” Can you answer it?

God wants everyone to worship and follow him and, if they don’t, they burn in hell for all eternity. What does this type of attitude say about his character? By definition, he would be described as a tyrant.

Is God a tyrant? What do you think? How would you respond? Leave your ideas in the comments below, and we’ll hear from Brett on Thursday.

Here’s my answer to this week’s challenge:

Today’s challenge comes from a list of “Ten Questions to Ask Your Pastor, Reverend, Minister, or Priest”:

Matthew 5:17-18 says quite clearly that Jesus demands Christians follow Old Testament law completely, to the smallest possible point. Why don’t they?

Can you respond to this theological challenge? Here’s a hint: The first step with any challenge like this one is to read the passage carefully in context. Take a shot, and we’ll hear Brett’s response on Thursday.

In the video below, Muslim apologist Shabir Ally explains the two main reasons why he doesn’t accept the doctrine of the Trinity:

  1. It’s unscriptural. We’re told to worship one God in the Bible. Jesus starts off as “very human” in Mark, then his status is raised bit by bit in the other Gospels, then the idea develops “over the ages” until He is declared to be God by the Council of Nicaea.
  2. It’s unreasonable. If you say that the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Ghost is God, then you are describing three gods. Christians try to say there are three persons in one God, but to every reasonable mind “that adds up to three gods.” Therefore, to say you believe in one God and three persons who are God is a contradiction.

How do you respond to this challenge? Tell us how you would answer Shabir Ally, and we’ll hear Brett’s answer on Thursday.

Here’s my response to the latest STR Place Challenge:

Can We Say God is Good if Evil Exists?

Posted: August 13, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in God is Real