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Do we have reliable eyewitness accounts of the Book of Mormon?  Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry answers this week’s challenge:

The Bible Is One Story

Posted: June 4, 2012 by Amy Hall in God Has Spoken

My response to this week’s challenge, which was Dan Savage’s anti-bullying speech at a high school journalism conference:

You’ve probably seen this excerpt from Dan Savage’s speech against bullying by now. If you haven’t, fair warning: he does use some spicy language in his rant against the Bible and Christians who think what it says is true.

You’ll certainly see this posted on Facebook, if you haven’t already. How will you respond? Brett will go over his answer and yours on Thursday.

How Did the New Testament Canon Develop?

Posted: April 23, 2012 by Amy Hall in God Has Spoken

Michael Kruger, author of Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books, talks about how we know the core of the New Testament canon (with all of its theology) was established early on.

Is the Bible so corrupt it can’t be trusted? I ask Alan Shlemon to respond to this common challenge from Muslims:

This week, Brett and Alan are with high school students on a mission trip in Los Angeles to learn about Islam and how to reach Muslims for Christ, so the challenge is from a post on a Muslim website titled “Top Ten Ways to Know Christianity Is False.” Here is what it says is the number two reason:

Number 2: The Bible is corrupt.

The original Torah, Psalms and Gospel have not reached us. What we do have today could not even be described as a copy of a copy of a copy. It is a copy of a copy of a copy of a mistranslation of a copy of a mistranslation of a copy of a copy of a rewrite of an account by someone who wasn’t a witness to the events. It is riddled with errors, contradictions, failed prophecies and unintelligible verses. As such, it is impossible to know what the message of the originals might have been and, therefore, impossible for reasonable people to put any trust in its conclusion.

What do you think? There are some responses that will address anyone’s arguments that the text of the Bible has been corrupted, so feel free to comment on that. But Alan will also have a response specifically for Muslims who have this difficulty with Christianity.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, Brett and Alan are out of town, so for the response today I’ve collected the challenge responses from the past that touch on objections brought up in the video challenge (posted again below for easy reference)…and then added a couple other videos and some articles from STR Place for good measure. Enjoy!

Challenge videos:

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Other videos:

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Links to more on the relationship between Christians and the Old Testament Law

Because Brett and Alan are speaking on the STR cruise this week, the challenge today will be a little different from usual. Christopher wrote in to suggest we cover the video posted below, but since it brings up way too many topics for us to answer in one challenge response, I thought I’d post the video today and let you all take a shot at whichever topic you wish. Then on Thursday, I’ll post links to several of our challenge responses (and some articles) that address the various objections in this video, because fortunately, we’ve already covered a lot of them!

So I guess, think of this as a pop quiz. If you’ve been joining in our challenges for a while, you’ll be ready!

Advocates of same-sex marriage attempt to dismiss the biblical view of marriage by claiming that scripture contains and condones multiple definitions of marriage. Here’s my response to this challenge.