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Here’s my response to the challenge that abortion wins souls for Christ.

Here’s an objection I’ve heard surprisingly often:

If you do believe that children are innocent in the eyes of God, wouldn’t it be reasonable to suggest that abortion doctors are winning more souls for Christ than Christian missionaries? Why not bomb a pre-school? That would surely win a lot of souls for Christ.

So what do you think? Is it reasonable to suggest that we should kill people into the Kingdom? I’ve heard people (utterly despicably) use this question to try to lessen opposition to abortion among Christians, saying that killing unborn babies is in the babies’ best interest. But I think this particular formulation of the question is being used as a “taking the roof off” tactic—that is, it’s trying to show that the Christian worldview is absurd and that we’re not living consistently within it. In this formulation, the asker is assuming we’d be opposed to missionary killing, but he’s challenging us to explain how we reconcile our actions and our beliefs.

To answer this challenge, you’ll need to think through some theology—what we know to be true about God, man, and the role God has given us. We’ll hear Alan’s answer on Thursday.

With all the violence going on in the Middle East, people believe Muslims are justified in this behavior. But they also point out that Christianity has its own form of jihad. I responded to this claim last year.

I respond to this week’s challenge that claims Leviticus 17:11 teaches that life begins only after blood is in the human embryo. This challenge is intended to undermine a Christian’s pro-life view.

Challenge: The Life Is in the Blood

Posted: September 11, 2012 by Amy Hall in Do the Right Thing, Weekly Challenge

The challenge this week was suggested by one of our readers:

I have heard pro-choicers argue that we shouldn’t believe life begins at conception because Leviticus 17:11 says the life is in the blood. I know they have missed some things because the context is about sacrifices, but what is a good response to this?

What do you think? How would you answer this challenge? Give it your best shot, and then we’ll hear from Alan on Thursday.

Here’s my response to the latest STR Place Challenge:

Here’s my response to this week’s challenge:


Here are some related posts that address a few of the challenges made in the flowchart.

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If you haven’t seen this chart on Facebook yet, you probably will. How will you, or how did you, respond? It saddens me because it shows that people aren’t aware of the arguments actually being made against same-sex marriage, and they have even less of an understanding of Christian theology. But they’re unaware of their lack of understanding on both counts because they’re getting all their information from the people they agree with.

But now, here you are! Your friend is asking you what you think, and you have an opportunity to answer. What do you say? Tactically, how would you go about responding to this? The difficult thing about a chart like this is that it expresses so many different objections that could be addressed. Your friends are unlikely to read an extremely long, detailed answer on Facebook, so how would you engage them on this topic in a productive way? What would you address first, knowing that you may not have a chance to answer everything?

Give us your ideas, and we’ll hear a response to this chart from Alan on Thursday.

Is God Necessary for Morality?

Posted: August 9, 2012 by Amy Hall in Do the Right Thing, God is Real

Continuing on the same topic, here’s a debate between William Lane Craig and Shelly Kagan on the question, “Is God necessary for morality?” If you’re interested in hearing more, Wintery Knight links to more debates on atheism and morality, along with a paper by Dr. Craig, here.

Atheist Richard Carrier on Morality

Posted: August 7, 2012 by Amy Hall in Do the Right Thing

Both Alan and Brett are away this week speaking in various parts of the country, so we’re going to take a summer break from the challenges. (We’ll return to the regularly scheduled challenges next week.)

So instead, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this lecture by atheist Richard Carrier on his view on objective moral truths, given to Christian high school students on a Berkeley mission trip with Brett earlier this year. (And of course, you’re welcome to debate it in the comments below!)