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Help for your weekend…

For this week’s challenge, special guest Michael Licona answers the skeptic…

Brett is bringing in a special guest to respond to this week’s challenge on Thursday. Here’s the challenge:

How do we know Jesus even existed? The only people who wrote about Him were Christians who probably made Him up. We don’t have any reliable non-Christian sources for Jesus.

Brett’s guest will answer the question of whether or not any non-Christian writers talked about Jesus. But I’m also interested in hearing how you would respond to the skeptic’s dismissal of the Gospels as legitimate sources of evidence for the existence of Jesus. Go for it!

Richard Dawkins Has Faith

Posted: June 25, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in God is Real, Truth Matters

…he just misdefines “religious” faith and contrast his faith in physicists with the alleged blind faith of believers.

What Is Faith?

Posted: June 25, 2012 by Amy Hall in Etcetera, God is Real

The New Atheists don’t understand what we mean by “faith”:

Friday Fun: Stuff Single Christians Hear

Posted: June 22, 2012 by Amy Hall in Just for Fun

I suspect a lot of you…or at least some of you can relate to this. Enjoy!

In this week’s challenge, atheist Dan Barker says Christians are just insecure.  Is he right?

reTHINK Student Apologetics Conference

Posted: June 20, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Events

In Colossians 2:8, the apostle Paul warns us not to be taken captive by the false views of this world.  Sadly, many Christian youth have been captured by the ideas of our culture.  The large majority of students in our churches hold a worldview that is no different than that of their unbelieving friends.  It’s time to help our students RETHINK. Rethink truth. Rethink faith. Rethink God. Rethink the Bible. Rethink Jesus. Rethink moral choices. Rethink the worldview that’s been given to them by culture.

So join us and hundreds of other junior high, high school & college students at Stand to Reason’s RETHINK student apologetics conference in Southern California on October 26 & 27.  For more information or to register, check out

Challenge: Christians Are Insecure

Posted: June 19, 2012 by Amy Hall in Etcetera, Weekly Challenge

The challenge this week is a quote from Dan Barker:

Truth does not demand belief. Scientists do not join hands every Sunday, singing, yes, gravity is real! I will have faith! I will be strong! I believe in my heart that what goes up, up, up must come down, down. down. Amen! If they did, we would think they were pretty insecure about it.

Someone wrote in because an atheist friend left this quote on her Facebook page, so maybe you’ve seen it already. How would you respond to this? We’ll hear Brett’s answer on Thursday.

Is Jesus a Copycat of the Mithras Myth?

Posted: June 18, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Jesus Changes Everything

Lee Strobel answers: