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Here’s my response to the challenge that abortion wins souls for Christ.

I respond to this week’s challenge that claims Leviticus 17:11 teaches that life begins only after blood is in the human embryo. This challenge is intended to undermine a Christian’s pro-life view.

Here’s my response to this week’s challenge:


Here are some related posts that address a few of the challenges made in the flowchart.

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Zack Wahls’s case for same-sex marriage

Christians can’t impose their moral standards on society

If marriage is really about having children, then doesn’t it follow that heterosexual couples who can’t (or don’t plan to) have children shouldn’t be allowed to marry? That’s this week’s challenge that I answered today.

Here’s my response to this week’s challenge.


If you want to see  my response to some of the comments, watch the following video.

If the fetus doesn’t have a brain, then how we can count it as a person. Here’s my answer to this week’s challenge.

Advocates of same-sex marriage attempt to dismiss the biblical view of marriage by claiming that scripture contains and condones multiple definitions of marriage. Here’s my response to this challenge.

A Muslim has responded to Jefferson Bethke’s spoken-word poem with the claim that Christians don’t know the real Jesus. Here’s my take on the Muslim video.

Alan responds to the challenge that early embryos aren’t individual human beings because some of them can twin and then even recombine.

I respond to a recent YouTube video that’s gone viral. It’s of Zach Wahls making an appeal for same-sex marriage to the Iowa House of Representatives.

For the STRplace blog community who responded to the challenge, I address your comments in a separate video below.