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With all the violence going on in the Middle East, people believe Muslims are justified in this behavior. But they also point out that Christianity has its own form of jihad. I responded to this claim last year.

My thoughts on this week’s challenge:

Alan will be responding to the challenge this week, so we thought we’d cover an objection that has to do with Islam. Have you heard someone argue this?

Christians complain that Islam’s teaching of jihad makes it a violent religion, but the same thing can be said about Christianity. The Old Testament is full of wars, killing, and slaughter committed in the name of religion! And what about all the violence and killing during the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition? There’s an obvious parallel to jihad in Christianity.

So what do you think? Does Christianity have its own jihad? Tell us how you’d react to this claim, and we’ll hear how Alan responds on Thursday.