Challenge Response: Abortion Wins Souls for Christ

Posted: September 27, 2012 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing, Weekly Challenge
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Here’s my response to the challenge that abortion wins souls for Christ.

  1. Peter says:

    Alan, a more troublesome version of this argument concludes only that abortion has presumably saved people from going to hell; and that, further, abortion is presumably in the unborn child’s interest. These more modest conclusions avoid the problematic inference that abortion is morally permissible. (For those Christians who doubt the unborn baby’s innocence, we can make the conclusion even more modest: if unborn babies do not deserve far worse than bodily death by dismemberment, then abortion is presumably in their own interest.)

    You and your evangelical colleagues should accept these interesting conclusions. In the interest of integrity, you should correct those pro-lifers who claim to be acting on behalf of the unborn.