Did Jesus Claim Deity?

Posted: August 30, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Jesus Changes Everything

While I work on directing, filming, editing, and producing today’s challenge response video, you can enjoy this debate between James White and Shabir Ally on the deity of Christ:




  1. larrylenard says:


    Thanks for this email. I really enjoy James White; however, I don’t think he addresses the challenges of Shabir Ally. First, if Matthew and Luke are simply copying Mark, we only have one independent voice, not three. Second, if Mathew & Luke are massaging the Jesus stories to make Jesus more than a rabbi (the Jewish & Muslim contention), we have a serious problem. This would be a great challenge to address.





    • Erik says:


      James White does provide more detailed information on this issue, specifically with respect to the claims made by Shabir Ally at his website aomin.org. He also points out that he has shown Dr. Ally errors in his claims with regard to this very challenge in previous debates. Dr. White has an extensive background teaching Greek and has what is likely a better understanding of the texts than Dr. Ally. That said, in listening to Dr. Ally I found the same thing that you appear to echo in your comment – the use of the word “if” – “if” Matthew and Luke are copying Mark, “if” Matthew and Luke are massaging the Jesus stories. I have yet to see evidence provided by Dr. Ally that we should take him at his word regarding these claims. He points to some historical scholarship, but it should be noted there are scholars who make very different claims. Lastly, Dr. White points out on his site that his opening comments here were meant to show that even Mark showed the deity of Christ. I didn’t hear anything in Dr. Ally’s opening remark that even addressed that point – he simply goes into “what if” mode rather than countering Dr. White’s point of Mark showing deity.

      That said, it’s a good debate nonetheless.

  2. JaKe says:

    Thank you for posting this debate, I LOVE Dr. White and the materials he has written as well as his podcast, “The Dividing Line”. It is very challenging and engaging once you get your head in the place where you are engaging critically. I have been listening to him, Matt Slick at carm.org, and the STR stuff for a few months now and I am really encouraged by it. Check out aomin.org alongside of the stuff here from STR because it will help you engage more and more with the Bible and be able to more adequately develop an apologetic that is thorough and scripturally sound.