Can We Say God is Good if Evil Exists?

Posted: August 13, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in God is Real

  1. Do you think this is presupposing libertarian free will, or could it be including both libertarian and compatibilism?

  2. Nate says:

    sounds like it presupposes libertarian free will.

    • Sam Harper says:

      Actually, it doesn’t just presuppose it. It makes an argument for it. It claims at 0:42 that “Freedom is a good thing.” That, apparently, is the justification for God give us libertarian free will.

  3. Sam Harper says:

    As a compatibilist, I cannot endorse the argument in this video.

    • That’s also my concern, Sam. This may be the theodicy that libertarians can espouse, but I’d like to hear a theodicy from the compatibilist point of view.

      • Amy Hall says:

        I agree. If people who love God and always do right are being “forced” and are “robots” rather than “real people,” then I don’t know what we’re to make of heaven. If we’ll be sinless then, and yet still be real people making real choices, that means it was always a possibility. So I think the answer has to be more complicated.

        Sometimes this argument is used just to refute the logical problem of evil by showing that a good God and the existence of evil aren’t necessarily contradictory, but I wouldn’t use it because I don’t think it’s the right answer. But it’s still important to know and to think about because many, many people do think it’s the right answer.

  4. How did Adam and Eve sin in the first place if they were sinless and were not free in the libertarian sense?

  5. A beautiful video with a bizarre message. Kinda hard to know where to start …

    But let me just observe that (1) saddling Adam and Eve’s descendents with their sin makes no sense (and is even rejected in the Bible–see Deut. 24:16) and (2) judging Adam and Eve with a sin before they had eaten the fruit that would give them any awareness of that sin is ridiculous.