Is Jesus a Copycat of the Mithras Myth?

Posted: June 18, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Jesus Changes Everything

Lee Strobel answers:

  1. Amy Hall says:

    And he’s interviewed by Captain Hammer, no less!

  2. wzippler says:

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    Many people are buying into the myth that Christianity is a copy cat religion. DON”T BUY IT!

  3. Sam Harper says:

    One of my sisters posted this on her facebook status update today:

    Studying Buddhism in my World Religions class. The similarities between the Buddah’s life, 500 years BC and the life of Jesus are striking. Even the stories of their conception are almost identical.

    Ugh! People buy into this nonsense uncritically because it’s what they WANT to be true. My sister is quite hostile toward Christianity.

    I’m just finishing a really good and indepth book on the whole Christ myth theory by J.P. Holding.

    Shattering the Christ Myth

    So far, it’s the most indepth treatment I’ve seen anywhere on the subject of people denying that Jesus existed or claiming that Christianity was borrowed from pagan myths. It’s very good. Unlike most treatments, it doesn’t just speak in generalities. It goes into specifics, and it cites primary sources.

    • Weird. I took Buddhism last Fall and we talked about Buddha’s life all the time. I don’t remember any similarities, or at least any that wouldn’t be a really big stretch.

  4. Where can I find some of these old myths about the God’s that Jesus is supposedly copied off of? I’d like to read them myself.

    • Sam Harper says:

      There’s not any one source. These gods come from different cultures without any one text. A lot of the information comes from artwork. If you read some of the mythicist literature, they usually quote other mythicists instead of primary sources, and it’s very difficult to trace all these parallels to the primary sources.

      You might check out the Egyptian “Book of the Dead,” though, which you can probably find at the library. It is painful reading.

      According to Shattering the Christ Myth, “The earliest biography of Buddha, the Buddhacarita (Acts of the Buddha), was written in the 2nd century A.D. by Asvaghosa” (p. 217).