Challenge Response: Doubt Those Who Say They Found Truth

Posted: June 7, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Truth Matters, Weekly Challenge

Should we doubt those who say they have found truth? Brett answers this week’s challenge:

  1. Clark says:

    Thanks for the entertaining response, Brett. Not sure how I should take Cletus though, since I ‘m actually a mechanic as well Lol!

    • Amy Hall says:

      Ha haaaa! Brett, you really put your foot in your mouth there! That is too funny, Clark. This was all for you, and look how Brett repays you!

      But actually, it works to your advantage, because now you have a quick way to use your job to illustrate why this challenge fails to anyone who brings it up. So I guess Brett is really more of a prophet. 😉

    • Brett Kunkle says:

      Oh wow. Well, I was just using Mater from Cars as my model mechanic, so don’t blame me!