Are Ideas Like Santa Just Harmless Deceptions?

Posted: May 28, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Truth Matters
  1. kewlinchristjesus says:

    Another harmless deception: Eat the fruit. You won’t die.

    My sister, who was born on Christmas, was devastated to learn that Santa was unreal. The excitement of Santa is a god to both those that do and don’t believe, defying Exodus 20:3, NLT: You must not have any other god but me.

    Was Born in a Manger

    Was born in a manger,
    No room in the inn.
    A watching fat man
    Ho-ho-hos a grin.
    The children are joyful
    To have in their culture.
    How could bringing toys
    Be done by a vulture?

    Unreal is Lord Jesus
    Who talketh this way.
    Not like those that live,
    But died yesterday.
    The good news is that
    We’re saved by the Lamb.
    Who is, was, will be,
    Today’s word, I AM.

    Listen, oh listen.
    Profess what is true.
    A log’s in our eye.
    The world’s got one, too.
    We may have been fooled,
    And lies still sound good.
    But only one way
    Is as the man would.