Challenge Response: An Infinite Hell is Unjust

Posted: May 3, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Choosing My Religion, God is Real, Truth Matters, Weekly Challenge

Isn’t the infinite punishment of hell for a finite amount of sins an unjust punishment?  My answer to this week’s challenge:

*I will post my video responses to the blog comments later. Watch for the update!

UPDATE:  Here are my thoughts and responses to the blog comments…

  1. southernbread says:

    Chuck’s hierarchy was arbitrary because the “positions of authority” that he uses aren’t categorically the same. My wife and a judge are apples and oranges. Also, it is unclear why a military officer would rank ordinally higher than a police officer or a judge in matters of authority. Plus, judges determine treason, not military officers. This seems like simply shoe-horning some things into a list to try and create a continuum where none is readily apparent. The point might be valid, but this list wasn’t compelling.

  2. Jesse Harris says:

    Just saw this. 🙂 great videos haha wanted to clarify that the point I was making in saying that “This Hell is not a punishment for wrong doing, it is a direct result of continuous choice” is that punishment is generally redemptive in some way. I do need to think more on the nature of punishment in the Bible but one response against Hell is that it is not meant to be redemptive and so it seems against God’s nature. However, if God is not enacting the punishment but people are actively choosing hell (whether they recognize it or not) then I think that objection falls through. It may be I am splitting hairs, but I think that there may be something to be said that God never “sends anyone to hell, he merely allows them to go”

  3. Chris Date says:

    Hi! This is Chris Date from the Theopologetics podcast; you might remember that I interviewed you on the topic of youth ministry some time ago–an episode I continue to commend to people to this day 🙂 I’ve also interviewed Alan and Greg.

    Unlike some of my fellow conditionalists/annihilationists, I don’t think the traditional view of hell is unjust. Like annihilation, the traditional view is an eternal punishment, and I’ve yet to understand why one eternal punishment (annihilation) can be just, and another (eternal torment) unjust.

    That said, I do find the biblical text–particularly those texts historically used to support the traditional view–to favor annihilation quite strongly. And I don’t find your argument from the intrinsic value of human beings compelling. Would love to talk about it some time.

    Thanks so much for what you and STR do!