Who Designed the Designer?

Posted: April 9, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Uncategorized

Whenever I discuss the arguments for God’s existence, there will always be someone who raises the objection, “Who made God?” or “Who designed the Designer?”  Jay Richards gives a nice concise answer:

  1. bwgoodson says:

    There seems to be a shift within this video that makes the title somewhat misleading. Maybe it is not so much the video itself but the subtitle — Intelligent Design: Who Designed the Designer. At the end of the video, the summation appears to be that matter is a crummy candidate to explain the physical universe. While that may well be true, it does not address the potential for other candidates for the world and is moot on the topic of the non-material designer. Maybe that is being picky, but it just doesn’t seem to close on the original question.

  2. Russelle Johns says:

    I get your point bwgoodson. I agree but I can also say I was glad of the display of understanding and grasping of articulation the interviewer exemplified.