The Muslim Mission: Day One

Posted: April 3, 2012 by Brett Kunkle in Choosing My Religion, Events

In 2004, I took my first team of students from Rock Hills Church to Utah for our first theological missions trip.  In 2006, I added an apologetic missions trip, the Berkeley Mission.  And this week, STR Student Impact has launched its first Muslim Mission (my co-conspirator Alan Shlemon is leading the trip with me), taking Sean McDowell and his students from Capistrano Valley Christian School.  And we’re also privileged to have my good friend J. Warner Wallace from Please Convince Me with us.

Tonight we are with an Iranian Christian church, hearing testimonies of former Muslims and studying the Bible together (and being treated to some authentic Persian food!).  What an amazing start to the trip, to hear how God’s Spirit has worked in the lives of Muslims to bring them to faith in Christ.  One young Iranian lady shared about her broken relationship with her father and how she was drawn to the Heavenly Father she found in Scripture. An Iranian man shared about his drug addiction from 18 to 24 years old (apparently Iran has a major drug problem), was introduced to God at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Iran seven years ago, and found Christ seven months ago at this church.

These trips immerse students in real-life conversations about Christianity, apologetics, theology, the gospel, and more.  Simply put, I know of no other avenue that has been more effective in training young people to defend the faith than these kinds of trips.  Book your Utah or Berkeley trip now!  (At the conclusion of the Muslim Mission, we will evaluate to determine if we’ll be adding it to our arsenal of unique missions experiences)


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