A Difference Between Islam and Christianity

Posted: March 26, 2012 by Amy Hall in Choosing My Religion, Jesus Changes Everything

This spoken word video from Alpha and Omega Ministries explains a major difference between the teaching of the Qur’an and the central event of the Bible.

  1. Brett Strong says:

    Addressed (since she posted the video) to the super-intelligent/witty/brilliant (endowed with an awesome perky smile) Amy Hall

    (note to all: this is my final comment at this website; I’m just too too busy with my totally cool career; but I did enjoy this site very much):

    Here we go:

    James White is 100% correct: almost all scholars “agree”/are “certain” (from William Lane Craig to Bart Ehrman) that a man named Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on the cross 2,000 years a go…but how do scholars come to that conclusion (WARNING: this is William Lane Craig’s and Bart Ehrman’s dirty little secret**)?

    Read below:

    “Any item of historical knowledge comes from formulating a HYPOTHESIS to explain the facts. That HYPOTHESIS can be known to be true if it does a better job of explaining the facts compared to rival HYPOTHESIS. Now that’s the way historical knowledge is gained”

    J P Moreland

    So that absolutely means (sorry Christians, but I must tell you the truth) that the NT Jesus (as a mere man or miracle worker) and any NT event associated with him is a hypothesis!!!…and what is a hypothesis, folks? A theory! And that’s what the NT Jesus is (as a mere man or miracle worker)—a theory (‘knowledge’ [note the air quotes] gained through unfounded theories, unfounded assumptions, guesses with nothing to back it besides more guessing [because 4 BCE to 30 AD knows nothing of the NT Jesus/he doesn’t exist in it…so all one can do is hypothesize [create fanciful imaginings in one’s mind] about the NT Jesus on any and all levels: OUCH!!!!])! …Per Christian great (traveling in ‘elite’ Christian and academia circles) J P Moreland

    Now about the rapper: great speaking ability and charisma but his mistake is the same as James White: trying to present something as fact, when in reality it’s mere theory that an eternal life exists after death…just like the NT Jesus is theory!!! eternal life is theory!!! (‘knowledge’ [note the air quotes] gained through unfounded theories, unfounded assumptions, guesses with nothing to back it besides more guessing [because eternal life, some alleged heavenly place where the dead have a 2nd life of pure bliss, is not found in reality] so all one can do is hypothesize [create fanciful imaginings in one’s mind] about the eternal life/heaven in the cosmos or some future earth: OUCH!!!!])

    Brett Strong strikes again…the world’s leading agnostic/atheist debater the world has yet to know (and to the great totally awesome Amy Hall; I will obey your order with much joy, love, and happiness)

    PS (as always; I end all my letters like this): everyone have a great day and please keep worshiping and praising and living for your NT Jesus (and definitely do good deeds in his name [like feed the poor, etc]…

    …my whole point is to confront Christian dogmatism (like hell talk, you’re a sinner talk, god is mad at you, empty your pockets for the church, etc)…but please keep all the love of Jesus, the forgiveness of Jesus, the heaven talk of Jesus (to go be with passed loved ones for eternity in heaven), the social gatherings on Sundays (called church), and like things (like Christian pop music [like Chris Tomlin]…I love Christian pop music [3rd day, Mercy Me, etc] …lets all together spread more love and less division amongst mankind

    FYI to all: AGAIN: due to time constraints (ala my busy work schedule), I will not post anymore comments on this site; nor will I respond to any comments (I’m just too too busy; but please comment all you want fellas [it’s always fun to read comments, the good and the rip-you-apart ones; ha ha ])

    Now note: (single exception here) I will only respond to Sean McDowell/Brett Kunkle/Alan Shoeman or to super-Christian/super-blogger/super-woman: Amy Hall (and yes Amy, I do know the difference between you and Mary Jo Sharpe [but you two do look alike; do people ever tell you two that?])

    …now to all: have a great blessed day and remember to smile a lot, have lots of fun (hurrah, summer is coming!!!) and live a life of love!

    **all things concerning the NT Jesus

    • Amy Hall says:

      Brett, you always give me a smile. You certainly are the friendliest atheist I know of! Ultimately, we have a different view of what can be known about history, so I’m not sure where we could go from here.

      But I was curious about what you thought about changing your claim that we have nothing about Jesus from before 100 AD, now that the 1st century fragment of Mark has been found. And if that manuscript was in circulation, that means it was already being copied and passed around, which means the original writing must have dated to earlier than that. What are your thoughts?

      Also, Paul’s writings were all written in the mid 1st century. (They had to have been, since he was killed in the mid-60s.) Will you only accept physical manuscripts, or are you willing to reason to the appropriate dates for the original writings?

      • Brett Strong says:

        Hi Amy Hall!!!…it’s so wonderful to hear from you…your smile in your pic is awesome!!!…love your eye shadow and long flowing brunette hair too (its good to see a woman loving to be a feminine woman [I find that a cool trait of committed Christian women like yourself])…you seem like an awesome person with a pure heart for Jesus and a joy/conviction for spreading his word to the masses…sweet…keep up the good work through your top rate blogging…why aren’t you doing live debates or lectures (like Amy Orr Ewing of the UK) (obviously you have a passion for it and your god has blessed you intellectually and physically—could all 3 things be for the spreading of the word of Jesus? Hmmm/maybe something you should think about [well I’m sure you have already])…well, as you know (even though I am an agnostic/atheist), I’m all for Jesus (not just the hell stuff, and you are a sinner stuff, and empty your pockets stuff, and like negative dividing humanity stuff) …just finished listening to Chris Tomlin “How great is our god” and Mercy Me “Jesus bring the rain” whew, awesome tuff…the raw emotions/feelings from those songs are exhilarating/uplifting/make-you-cry from the sheer beauty of it

        Now let’s get started (sorry to be long winded but I really wanted to answer you with heart):

        Yes Amy Hall; I happily accept all original guess-in-the-dark dating of the NT (sounds reasonable)

        **Oral tradition (the great mythmaking machine) of Jesus…33 AD (or so) and beyond
        **Paul…50’s and 60’s AD
        **Mark…70 AD
        **Matthew…80 AD
        **Luke…85 AD
        **John…90 AD

        And I would never argue against someone who stated: (even though its still a theory [because 4 BCE to 30 AD knows nothing of the NT Jesus]) that the NT Jesus was a mere man (a good teacher [like Socrates] [who maybe even thought he was the messiah] who got crucified by some over zealous Romans or by some jealous Jews guarding their territory) and people just mythologized him into a god (like they did the Caesars) after his death through oral tradition…and some Jews bought into that oral (none-evidential) story about a dying and rising Messiah (hey, they already believed a snake and donkey spoke perfect Hebrew and had conversations with people in the OT/and Moses [a mere man doing miracles] split an entire sea in half amongst countless other miracles; so a superhero character named Jesus [a mere man doing miracles] certainly was not out of the believable realm for them…and later on Gentiles bought into the Jesus story; and since many of them believed the Caesars [mere men] were gods amongst many other gods, so them buying into the Jesus story [a mere man being a god too] isn’t farfetched either)

        Yes the above paragraph is very reasonable/plausible/and common to what we see in all of history: people selling (none-evidential) religion (aka THEORIES) and people being bamboozled by those religious minded folks:

        **Joseph Smith: gold tablets from heaven (THEORY/not found in reality)
        … 14 million followers
        **Hinduism: god Vishnu (THEORY/not found in reality)
        … 900 million followers
        **Buddhism: reincarnation (THEORY/not found in reality)
        … 376 million followers
        **Islam: Allah (THEORY/not found in reality)
        …1.5 billion followers
        **Scientology: some 500 million year old super-being has come to earth to save mankind (or something like that?) (THEORY/not found in reality)
        …500,000 followers (like Tom Cruise/John Travolta/J Lo?/Will Smith?)

        Modern day men who are/where considered gods by their followers (and this is just tiny list out of ‘millions’ of ‘god-men’)

        **Sathya Sai Baba of India: ALLEGED GOD MAN (6 to a 100 million followers of this man)
        **Jose Luis Jesus Miranda: ALLEGED GOD MAN (reportedly over 1 million followers)
        **David Koresh: ALLEGED GOD MAN (still till this day has loyal followers)
        **the notorious murderous Charles Manson: ALLEGED GOD MAN (now in prison for life)
        **Jeff Warren: ALLEGED GOD MAN (over 10,000 followers) (now in prison for life)
        Etc, etc, etc

        You see: people selling (with true conviction!) none-evidential stories/religion/god men in the flesh is rampant and common throughout history…I just throw in the entire bible (Genesis to Revelation)/Christianity into that pile of wild claims not found in reality…because, as you know: 4 BCE to 30 AD: god-man Jesus not found in reality; only in farfetched writings written decade and centuries later—akin to the Mormon Golden Tablets: not found in reality; only in farfetched writings written later on…etc, etc, etc; like:

        **Paul’s writings…50’s and 60’s AD
        …all NT Jesus claims (4 BCE to 30 AD) NOT FOUND IN REALITY
        **gospel of Mark…70 AD…all NT Jesus claims (4 BCE to 30 AD) NOT FOUND IN REALITY
        **gospel of Matthew…80 AD…all NT Jesus claims (4 BCE to 30 AD) not FOUND IN REALITY
        **gospel of Luke…85 AD…all NT Jesus claims (4 BCE to 30 AD) NOT FOUND IN REALITY
        **gospel of John…90 AD…all NT Jesus claims (4 BCE to 30 AD) NOT FOUND IN REALITY

        Now please note Amy: there has been over a 100 years of ardent archeological digs (raking over the land endlessly [with giant machines to toothbrushes])/research/scholarship in Israel (by ten’s of thousands of people/experts) (in the same areas Jesus is said to have roamed and lived) and untold millions (maybe even billions) spent by Christians and universities and private firms to find just an inkling (a tiny shred of physical evidence [on paper or artifact]) of the NT Jesus (as a mere man or miracle worker) from 4 BCE to 30 AD…and all have come up monstrously empty handed/totally nothing/a big fat 0…as if the NT Jesus, as a mere man or miracle worker, was just a fictional character written on-paper decades and centuries later (for a multitude of guess-if-you-will reasons)

        Brett Strong

        **But I will also accept any of these in-your-face miracles as proof that one god exists and is real (and note: I would gladly worship that god [be it the Christian/Muslim/Hindu/or any other alleged god] unto death if one could go to NASA Science Lab [to make sure no funny business is going on] and perform any of these listed miracles)…like walk on warm sudsy bath water/control the weather [tell it to shut up and it does]/split an entire sea in half and play golf on the dry land/disappear through walls/vanish into thin air/raise a 4 day old stinky rotted corpse back to life/turn a tree branch into a real live hissing snake/go to the Mayo Clinic hospital [with Scientist and doctors in tow] and instantly heal everyone there [the blind/the lamb/the diseased/the injured/and the dead], etc, etc, etc…but as we all know the just listed cannot happen in reality (not ever!); only on-paper [aka as fiction based writings]/Hollywood Blockbuster Movies [like Narnia]/and through oral [none-evidential] tradition…

        Amy, once again, it’s my pleasure and joy talking to you (oddly enough through these post comments; ha ha)…keep smiling, keep Jesus blogging, keep Jesus worshiping, keep Jesus close and dear to your heart…for I detect not an ounce of negativity in you…sweat dreams my friend and have a great day and lots of fun

      • Amy Hall says:

        Well, thanks, but I’m certainly more Liz Lemon than Liz Taylor. So, so much more.

        So…what you’re saying is that you’re dropping the claim about no evidence before 100 AD (is this because of the new fragment?), and now you’re basing your position on the fact that we have nothing about Jesus that was written before His death? This seems to be a very odd requirement.

        You talk about oral tradition, so I recommend to you Richard Bauckham’s book, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. He argues that the Gospels are oral history, not oral tradition (this makes a big difference in how it was passed down to those who put it on paper). And you also should watch this talk by Peter Williams: New Evidences the Gospels Were Based on Eyewitness Accounts. You’ve got to keep up with the latest! 🙂

  2. Brett Strong says:

    Hi Amy Hall!

    Liz Lemon (from the 30 Rock/Tina Fey) is very cute, witty and extremely fun—for sure! …come to think of it: you do look just like her; nice comparison! You go girl!

    About the Dan Wallace alleged 1st century fragment of Mark (I heard about that last year, actually)…awesome find! Hopefully they’ll keep finding more and more 1st century fragments and even whole books of the NT!

    The no evidence before the 1st century remark was just me stating a fact that shocks the average lay person who thinks we have the original NT itself from the 1st century original authors…

    You say: it seems odd that I require evidence that date to the alleged Jesus’ lifetime her on earth (4 BCE to 30 AD)…why is that odd? (please reply to this question/don’t understand you here and I really want to get you)

    Anyways: this is odd to me Amy: that some alleged god all-mighty of the cosmos supposedly came to earth in flesh to dwell amongst mankind for 30 years but left not one shred of physical evidence of him having ever lived in reality…hmmm…that seems really odd, quit unbelievable

    …a mere man (on any level/king or pauper) with no evidence for his alleged 4 BCE to 30 AD earthly existence, for sure…but an alleged god of the cosmos (wow!) coming to earth for 30 years (doing smack down miracles; wow!!!) and leaving nothing for us today (boo) that dates to 4 BCE to 30 AD, hmmm, “sounds like sci-fi fiction to me; for sure—being this Jesus character ‘fly’s’ in the air, disappears through walls, raises a zombie from the grave, controls the weather, walks on water, became a zombie himself and then raised himself from the grave, and is supposed to come back on a flying white police horse for his followers, raising the dead and the living (billions of people)into the sky before whisking them off…hmmm…sounds like fairytales to me…” …but that’s why I actually love the Jesus story; because it is so sensational, whimsical, far-fetched, sci-fi-ish, tough and rough but yet supremely loving, and literally unbelievable…

    now note: Richard Bauckham and Peter Williams: great speakers and I’ve listened to them many time over the years and I’ve actually heard both the book and audio you kindly and sweetly directed me to…thank Liz Lemon…

    Now oral history: million dollar question Liz Lemon: how does Bauckman know this alleged ancient 1st century historical knowledge of oral history????/and how does Peter Williams know his alleged 1st century knowledge about his speech on the eyewitnesses???

    “Any item of historical knowledge comes from formulating a hypothesis to explain the facts. That hypothesis can be known to be true if it does a better job of explaining the facts compared to rival hypothesis. Now that’s the way historical knowledge is gained” J P Moreland

    Yes sadly enough Liz Lemon; all Bauckman and Peter Williams are doing is simply hypothesizing—per J P Moreland

    …just as I’ve been saying all along about anything concerning the NT Jesus, it all theory/hypothesizing

    Brett Strong…Amy Hall’s biggest fan!

    Please reply to my odd? question you posed to me…don’t quit understand you there so please elaborate… see Liz Lemon; you go girl! You def rock!