Challenge Response: God’s Checklist

Posted: March 22, 2012 by Amy Hall in God Has Spoken, God is Real, Intelligently Designed, Jesus Changes Everything, Weekly Challenge

As I mentioned on Tuesday, Brett and Alan are out of town, so for the response today I’ve collected the challenge responses from the past that touch on objections brought up in the video challenge (posted again below for easy reference)…and then added a couple other videos and some articles from STR Place for good measure. Enjoy!

Challenge videos:

Then Why Is There Evil? (challenge, response)
Biblical Law Is Immoral (challenge, response)
God Is Sexist (challenge, response)
Bad Design = No Design (challenge, response)
100% Man or 100% God? (challenge, response)
Why Blood Sacrifice? (challenge, response)
The Crucifixion Is Immoral (challenge, response)
We Can’t Know Jesus Rose from the Dead (challenge, response)
Faith is gullibility (challenge, response)
The Bible Has Been Changed (challenge, response)
God Should Make Himself More Obvious (challenge, response)

Other videos:

What is the Trinity?
Were the Gospels Based on Eyewitness Accounts?


Did God Condone Slavery?
Jesus Is the Only Cure for Our Disease
Dead or Alive?
What We Have Is What Was Written
Should God Appear to Atheists?

Why Would God Want Us to Praise Him?
More thoughts on “Then Why Is There Evil?
More thoughts on “God Is Sexist
Links to more on the relationship between Christians and the Old Testament Law

  1. He starts out saying that we are not to question God. Josh McDowell, PH D, more than question God, like this wise gent, knew how foolish the Christian God is. The book he began to write about this: EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT.

    John 3:17, NLT: God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

    Sounds like a better plan than this guy could have made.

  2. Jack says:

    What? I was looking forward to seeing Amy step up to the plate! C’mon Amy, you know you can do it. 🙂

  3. Jacob Wolff says:

    He seems to have a lot of fun criticizing God, but he also doesn’t seem to understand the actual nature of God’s perfection. One of the main misunderstandings is that God’s nature is often paradoxical, thus He is perfectly merciful and perfectly just. Therefore, He cannot just wipe away sin for the next generation as if it had never happened because that would be unjust. Because of His justice, all of that cannot go unpunished, but He wants to save us. The only way to do this is for He Himself to go through our sufferings and offer up His own life to meet His punishment for sin. He is also the only one who could pay for all of our sins (christians) because only He has the power to take them all on, and only He is innocent by His standards in order for Him to be an acceptable alternative to us. Thus, He fulfills justice and mercy in perfection.

    But there are so many objections that I could not go into all of them, but this is the main one that I feel he is expressing in this video: That God’s character does not seem to actually match God’s character. However, the flaw with his thinking is the God, by His own nature, is technically impossible to understand due to our limited capacities. Sure we can question Him, in fact, I believe the bible encourages us to question because otherwise, what kind of followers are we? This guy has pretty much put a bunch of objections together and overwhelms us with them. He also assumes that certain things are bad such as lack of documentation by “science and technology” which shows that he’s already predisposed to be most likely and empiricist to some degree.

    It seems that overall, he thinks that if he was in God’s place, he would do a better job. But he is critiquing God with christian morals which are gained from God, which makes no sense. But its very hard for me to gather my thoughts when they explode in all differetn directions at once. I think that he just doesn’t understand the bible and what is actually going on.

    Feel free to answer other challenges that I did not address (Theres over 9,000 more left!!) and I hope to see more great thinking.