Friday Fun: The Dawkins Delusion

Posted: December 30, 2011 by Amy Hall in Just for Fun

Dr. Tommyrot gives his arguments against believing in a Richard Dawkins.

  1. Cleverly done, but I’m missing the analogy. But even if you’ve never met Richard Dawkins, it’s not a particularly bizarre concept to imagine that he exists. We believe that Englishmen exist, that authors exist, that zoologists exist, and so on. That we have yet another one (with the unsurprising name “Richard Dawkins”) is not much a stretch.

    But god belief? The precise opposite is true. We have a bin full of imaginary gods and no god that is universally accepted.

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  2. Sorry for the link error. Should’ve been Christianity Infatilizes Adults.

    I thought this article would expand a bit on my point.