Challenge Response: Consciousness Is An Illusion

Posted: November 17, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Weekly Challenge

I’m at the Evangelical Theological Society’s annual meeting this week, so I thought I’d pose this week’s challenge to some special guests:

  1. Doug Horton says:

    My first thought on hearing this is that Dan Dennett must be talking in his sleep. So why pay attention to it?

    My second thought is that if he is right, I must be dreaming his argument. Nw this leads to a way of testing his theory because I know that I can change what I dream when I realize that it is only a dream. In other words, if I don’t like what I am dreaming, if it is frightening, for example, I change the dream. So if Dennett is correct, I can change his argument to something else. In fact, I could make him the greatest evangetist since Billy Graham.

    Hang on… Wait a minute… No. Nope. Sorry the test failed. Dennett is not part of a dream. The experiment failed and Dennett is wrong.