How Do You Treat Homosexuals?

Posted: November 2, 2011 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing
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First, watch the problem Christians face with homosexuals (below). Then, read the answer to the question posed by the video.

  1. A dear friend of mine here is gay and celibate and by God’s grace he’s found church communities that love him and treat him like any other person. I pray that more churches do that.

  2. Jane Clark says:

    Videos like this will help. Thank you.

  3. graffightx says:

    I’ve never really gotten to have this conversation with a homosexual. It’s funny because the people who are the most outspoken and the most willing to have the conversation are usually not the people who are actually homosexual. I’d try to relate with they young lady though…sexual sin is a huge struggle. It’s an addiction and a very hard one to overcome, somewhat like an eating addiction. I’d tell her that God loves her, and tell her to keep doing what she’s doing. The young lady seemed to be doing the right things, going to church, reading her bible, the whole nine.

    One thing that I think homosexuals in the Christian community are missing that people that struggle with other sins are not is the accountability. Most of the other sins are accepted and there are support groups, and people who are willing to talk…unfortunately homosexuals are treated differently. Homosexuality isn’t just spoken out against in sermons, pastors, worship leaders, and church staff often times make fun of homosexuals. It’s hard for them to feel like their church is a safe place if they cannot open up and be held accountable in a safe environment.

    Homosexuality is just like any other sin, the reason for the christian community is to come together and heal. Homosexuals are often times shut out…that’s something we need to fix.