The Difference Between Christianity & Other Religions

Posted: October 3, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Choosing My Religion, Jesus Changes Everything


(HT: Thinking Matters)

  1. Karl Schafer-Junger says:

    I’ve always believed that it’s harder to be cognitively simple than cognitively complex when conveying information. The simplicity, and accuracy, of this is awesome. Now…go tuck your kids in:).

  2. Ryan says:

    The public managed to tell so many people that they had ALMOST 30 historical references, all indirect and not centering on Christ, drawn up about 50 years after.

    That’s so convincing. #sarcasm

    • Neil Mammen says:

      Ryan, you forget about all the direct historical references. There are a few Matthew, Mark, John, Paul, Peter, Luke, James etc etc.

      Since you knew about those, but didn’t include them, perhaps your thinking goes along the lines of the guy who came up to me after a talk I’d given and asked with a straight face:

      “How come there are no non-believers who wrote about personally seeing the resurrected Christ? All your sources were from believers, they were obviously biased.”

      I asked: “You mean who were skeptics before? All of them were skeptical till they saw him.”

      He said: “No, I mean people who were saw him but didn’t become believers.”


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