Challenge: Why Blood Sacrifice?

Posted: September 20, 2011 by Amy Hall in God is Real, Jesus Changes Everything, Weekly Challenge

Here’s a “One Question Challenge to Christians”: Why does blood sacrifice make anything better?

We should have more respect for God than to think that it requires a bloody, sadistic, human sacrifice just to be persuaded to forgive us.

What do you think? We’ll hear from Brett with his answer and response to your comments on Thursday.

  1. Sam Harper says:

    This is the way I look at it. If God forgave people for violating his rules without requiring any kind of payment, then effectively there are no rules. A rule is only a rule if it requires something of you. But if God doesn’t require us to obey his rules, then the rules don’t really apply to us. So, if there are actually rules that we are obligated to obey, then God can’t simply forgive them arbitrarily. If God forgave sins arbitrarily, that would effectively be the same as saying, “Here are ten rules you are obligated to keep, but you don’t have to keep them all,” which is a contradiction.

    The reason God requires the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of sins is because violating God’s rules is just that severe. I agree with what Amy has said a number of times, which is that if people understood the holiness of God, they would better understand the severity of sin. The reason people don’t understand why Jesus had to die for sins before we could be saved is because they don’t appreciate the holiness of God.

    But I would add something else to it. The sacrifice of Jesus was not merely to atone for sins. It was also to glorify God. God is glorified in the demonstration of his attributes, and in the death of Jesus, God demonstrated both his incredible love and his incredible wrath.

  2. bobby says:

    from my understanding jesus was god coming to us as one of us (Human) showing there will be pain and suffering (the crucifiction) in the world from its begining to end and then raising from the dead showing pain and suffering isnt meangless and hopless it does payoff in the end because of Immorality and the Afterlife.

  3. Dawn says:

    I’m probably only repeating what Sam already said in that if there is no penalty for committing a crime then there is no obligation to obey the law. If you knew you could drive as fast as you wanted without ever getting a ticket, would you obey the posted speed limit?? I think we intuitively recognize this. When we hear about a murder or other crime we instinctively know the perpetrator needs to be punished. They need to experience negative consequences for their actions. If they get away with it we would call it a travesty of justice. Some crimes we even recognize as requiring the life of the perpetrator in order to pay.

    I don’t really know quite how to address this one without appealing to the Biblical texts. In them we are told that the penalty for committing crimes against God is death, and that without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sins. But it’s clear that not just any blood is capable of doing this. I could not shed my own blood to atone for my own sins. God detests human sacrifice, and animal blood wasn’t good enough either. It’s also clear that the shedding of blood has to be combined in some way with moral perfection or innocence.

    Jesus was obviously different than everyone else. He was not some shlubby guy that God found on the streets of Jerusalem who God then sent to the cross against his will. If Christian doctrine is true, Jesus is God in human flesh – morally perfect and innocent – who willingly gave up His own life. So He is not JUST a human sacrifice. And it’s in virtue of his unique nature – Fully God and Fully Man – that the shedding of His blood is able to forgive sins.

    What kind of God would require such a sacrifice? An infinitely Loving, Holy, Righteous and Just God. I would like to turn that question around and ask them: What kind of God would NOT require such punishment for crimes committed against Him?

    I also agree with Sam in that we think such punishment extreme because, in our fallen state, we don’t hate sin and we don’t fully appreciate what it means to sin against a Holy God.

  4. Mike Thps says:

    This one’s pretty easy. Jesus’ blood sacrifice was necessary since on the cross He propitiated the wrath of God against sin. God’s wrath was satisfied on the cross, so when God see’s a person who has been covered by the blood of Jesus through faith, He see’s that the person’s sin has been forgiven and that they obtain Christ righteousness.

  5. A sacrifice of Twinkies could have been chosen. While some enjoy Twinkies, others prefer Butterscotch Krimpets. Like it or not, it is our blood that keeps everyone alive.

  6. we don’t celebrate the fact that we crucified Jesus the perfect son of God… we celebrate that Jesus rose again and conquered death.