Egyptian Christians and Intolerance

Posted: September 7, 2011 by Amy Hall in Choosing My Religion, Etcetera, God Has Spoken, Resources

September’s podcasts from Alan and Brett:

Thinking Out Loud with Alan Shlemon: “Serving the Church in Egypt, While in Lebanon.” Alan talks about his recent trip to Lebanon and training Egyptians in witnessing to Muslims (RSS, iTunes).

Just Think with Brett Kunkle: “Is the Bible Intolerant?” At a recent youth conference, Brett helped students think through the accusation that the Bible and Bible-believing Christians are intolerant (RSS, iTunes).

And we have a third one today, as well—Brett’s podcast for parents, youth leaders, and educators:

Bulletproof with Brett Kunkle: “The Culture’s One-Two Punch.” At a recent support-raising banquet, Brett discussed two powerful cultural challenges our youth face: the intellectual and the moral. And what’s the result when youth are unprepared for them? We lose them (RSS, iTunes).

You can always find links to our podcasts on the homepage.

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