Who Wrote the Gospels?

Posted: August 29, 2011 by Amy Hall in God Has Spoken
  1. Tee Ar says:

    I read this regarding one of the students of the Apostle John’s pupil POLYCARP
    (who converted in A.D. 69, executed in A.D. 155 [-Peter Jones {www.TruthXchange.com}]
    by Emperor Marcus Aurelius [-“Drive Thru History,” from Focus on the Family via TBN-TV]):–

    “Irenaeus, around [A.D.] 180, [wrote] on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John:

    `Matthew published his gospel among the Hebrews in their own tongue, when Peter and Paul were preaching the gospel in Rome and [were] founding the church there.
    After their departure, Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, himself handed down to us in writing the substance of Peter’s preaching.
    Luke, the follower of Paul, set down in a book the gospel preached by his teacher.
    Then John, the disciple of the Lord, who leaned on his breast (John 13:25; 21:20), himself produced his gospel, when he was living in Ephesus in Asia.’ (Adversus Haereses [Against Heresies] 3.3.4 [= vol., chap., sec.])”

    Cited in p. 3 of “Jesus: a man or God?” @