Conversation With An Atheist – Part 1

Posted: August 15, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Events, God is Real

Have you ever wanted to come along on our apologetic mission trips and sit in on some of the conversation?  Here’s your chance.  This week I’ll be posting video from our recent Boulder Colorado Mission trip, where we asked atheist Marvin Strauss to dialogue with the high school students of E.V. Free Church of Heartland in Central City, Nebraska.

  1. Jesus came back to life after being buried for 3 days. Has anybody, sorcerers or anyone else, duplicateed this miracle?

  2. Clint says:

    “Free thinkers” are no fun in organized sports.

  3. Marcus says:

    This guy has many tensions within his thinking. First he admits that he is a materialist, and he only believes in things that he can measure, or verify through some sort of sense experience. In other words, he is assuming that it is irrational to believe in something that cannot be verified through observation or science, but this is self refuting because that belief itself cannot be  measured or verified through observation or science.
    Moreover, everyone believes a lot of things that are rational to believe without proof. Example: Every one believes that there is causation in this world, People believe that there is uniformity in this world, we believe that other people have minds ect. These are rational things to believe, that cannot be verified through sense experience.
    He also charges Christians with not having to think, and the example he gives for this, is one of the Bibles miracle claims.  In other words, since Christians believe miracles have taking place, they don’t have to think. He is assuming that miracles are impossible, but how could he know that miracles are impossible? In order to know this, he would have to know everything.  Moreover, if he is going to be completely rational,  then he needs to pause and realize the fallacious manner in which he is reasoning. When someone  rejects the Bible on its account of miracles, they are begging the question. They are simply assuming the Bible is not true in an attempt to prove it. Saying miracles are impossible is not an argument, it is just another way of saying the Bible is wrong. Also notice, he does not give an argument for the impossibility of miracles, he just takes it for granted.
    Also notice his indignation about his former pastors son murdering the janitor. As a Christian I believe that is wrong, but why would this be wrong to him. How could he know that an act is evil. If there is no God, this is just a random chance universe. There is nothing that is good or bad, everything is just matter in motion. How is he determining that murder is wrong, what standard is he using to make this moral judgement? He needs to explain to us what good is, so that we can know how to determine that something is evil. So what is good to him?
    Is good what evokes the individuals approval? Then that puts us in the emotivist theory of ethics, where good is simply giving expression to ones emotions. If this is the case then absurdities follow because no two people could make identical ethical judgements. Example: when Bill says ” helping the elderly is good” , he is not saying the same-thing as Tom when he says “helping the elderly is good”. Thats because when Bill says “helping the elderly is good”, he is really saying “Bill likes helping the elderly”, and Tom is just saying he likes helping the elderly. So they are not even saying the same thing, they are just expressing their emotions, and “good” no longer has an objective quality, but it is just a subjective expression of ones emotions. All secular attempts at defining good will fail. So far he has not offered any sufficient reasons for disbelief. (I will try to put this in the comments on YouTube)


  4. Chad Miller says:

    Am I the only person that likes this guy? So far he seems like a great guy to have a conversation with.