Finding God’s Will

Posted: August 10, 2011 by Amy Hall in Do the Right Thing

The question of how to make decisions is a big one—especially if you’re still in school, looking ahead to the rest of your life. Earlier this year, the Finding God’s Will Conference addressed this subject:

Do you worry that you don’t know God’s perfect will for your life? Is that even possible to know? Join us for this conference as we examine the problems of traditional teaching, explore how the Bible instructs us to know God’s will, and learn how we can make confident decisions from Biblical wisdom.

Here’s all the conference audio along with a short introductory video. I think you’ll find it helpful.

Session 1: Kevin DeYoung – The Problem of Waiting For God’s Will
Session 2: Garry Friesen – Wisdom Decisions, Part 1
Session 3: Garry Friesen – Wisdom Decisions, Part 2
Session 4: Kevin DeYoung – Wisdom Decisions, Applied
Session 5: Q & A with Kevin DeYoung, Garry Friesen, and Noel Heikkinen

  1. Sam Harper says:

    I wish Greg Koukl and J.P. Moreland would have a big debate on this–preferably a book debate, alternating chapters. That would be really interesting, and I’ll bet it would sell like crazy.

  2. I personally found DeYoung’s book, Just Do Something, helpful. The college ministry I attend read it last semester.

  3. I don’t know how to do text linking like that on comments.