Challenge Response: You’re Not Really Pro-Life

Posted: July 21, 2011 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing, Weekly Challenge
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Here’s my response to this week’s challenge:

  1. Sam Harper says:

    I don’t think pointing out somebody’s inconsistency is necessarily an ad hominem. If the inconsistency is in their point of view, then one of their beliefs refutes another of their beliefs. In the case of the death penalty, somebody might try to get you to admit that you are all for the death penalty, then use that premise as an argument against your pro-life position, like so:

    1. It’s not wrong to take human life.
    2. Abortion takes human life.
    3. Therefore, it’s not wrong to have an abortion.

    I’m not saying the argument is sound, of course. I’m just pointing out that their attempt to show an inconsistency can be used as an argument against the pro-life position that is NOT an ad hominem argument.

    One of Greg’s favourite tactics with moral relativists is to show that they are inconsistent. They claim there are no objective moral values, but then they behave (and even speak) as if there are. Imagine if one of the moral relativists responded this way:

    “You’re just making an ad hominem argument. The fact that I’m inconsistent doesn’t invalidate my argument for moral relativism. It’s completely irrelevant.”

    If it’s fallacious for pro-choice people to use inconsistency as an argument against the pro-life position, then it’s also fallacious for moral objectivists to use inconsistency as an argument again moral relativism. The reason is because it’s essentially the same argument. But if it’s NOT fallacious for moral objectivists to use inconsistency as an argument against moral relativism, then it’s not fallacious for pro-choice people to use inconsistency as an argument against the pro-life position.

    So I think it’s best just to say that pro-lifers are NOT being inconsistent. If anything, the pro-choicers are inconsistent since they apparently think it’s okay to kill the innocent, but not okay to kill the guilty (or at least that applies the pro-choice people who oppose the death penalty).

    • Alan Shlemon says:

      Thanks for your comment. I was thinking about what you said, but then as I reflected more on my argument, I think I stand by my claim that this IS an ad hominem. Let me offer a few thoughts.

      I agree with you that claiming someone is inconsistent doesn’t always commit an ad hominem fallacy. However, in this situation it does seem to make this mistake and here’s why.

      In the case of moral relativists, showing their inconsistency is to point out a contradiction: Relativists believe morals are relative (by what they SAY). Relativists don’t believe morals are relative (by what they DO). As such, their position is inconsistent and our critique of them is not an ad hominem.

      The claim that a pro-lifer is inconsistent (because they believe in the death penalty) does not demonstrate any contradiction (to believe guilty murderers should be killed does not contradict that innocent children should not be killed). More importantly, it gives NO attention to the merits of the pro-life arguments (fetus is human because x,y,z). It is MERELY an attack on the person. The pro-lifer has reasons to believe their pro-life view that are independent of their position on the death penalty. As result, it is a legitimate ad hominem.

      By the way, (and I’m not trying to trump you with “my boss says I’m right” 🙂 ), but I did ask Greg and he agreed with this distinction. The reason I asked him is because initially I thought you were right and I was willing to stand corrected. But as I explained the above, he agreed.
      Also, I just checked Beckwith’s book Defending Life and on page 127 he also says that this charge is an ad hominem.

      Anyway, hope I was clear on that.

  2. shamgar says:

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