Scott Klusendorf Debates Former ACLU President

Posted: July 13, 2011 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing

Former Stand to Reason speaker (and current good friend!), Scott Klusendorf, debated former ACLU President, Nadine Strossen, at Westmont College recently. Check out the video of Scott’s fine work defending the pro-life view.

  1. Doug Horton says:

    It’s too bad we can’t get just audio. I don’t have 100 minutes to sit at the PC watching this.

    • Amy Hall says:

      Doug, you’re going to love this–you can get just the audio. I didn’t think it would work because this is vimeo and not YouTube, but I just tried it and it did. Go to and enter the original URL for this video (it’s That site will extract the MP3 for you, and then you can just download the MP3 and put the audio on your iPod. I recently discovered this, and it’s fantastic! It makes it much easier to take in debates that are posted online.

  2. Sam Harper says:

    You used to be able to use Audacity to record any sound that come from your computer, whether on youtube, or whatever. But then they updated Audacity, and I made the mistake of downloading the update. The update doesn’t allow you to record from your sound card. Augh!!!!!