FRIDAY FUN: The Dalai Lama Has No Sense of Humor

Posted: July 1, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Just for Fun
  1. Actually, he is known for his hearty laugh. He does have a sense of humor as long as language and cultural difficulties do not clutter the joke.

    I work with a girl who lived in the former Soviet Union. Bright girl, speaks three or more languages. I said, “Know why the USSR went out of business?”…”No, why?”…”It went to far in the RED!”…”What does ‘in red’ mean?” Joke fail!

    • Amy Hall says:

      Ha! Yeah, we would never expect the Dalai Lama to actually get a joke about ordering pizza. The funniness of this is really more about that poor reporter who thought this would be a good idea.