Another Atheist Role Play

Posted: June 29, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in God is Real

I may enjoy this part of my job way too much…

  1. Albert says:

    It’s sad that you get the responses you get, but hopefully, in time, that would change. I would love to see how these kids are after you leave. It would be awesome for you to come back and see if they have any stronger arguments to your role playing.

  2. Chris Maness says:

    Being I have a physics background I would have nailed you on the quantum vacuum one :o) I have an atheist friend that I put that back on. You have to have space to have a vacuum. The argument says that space came from a vacuum fluctuation. That one is wrong on many levels. The kid with the 2nd law of T. dynamics could of had you had he flushed it out better.

    Good Job, Brett. I see you really take off the gloves on those topics. I teach high school, and I enjoy asking atheist kids questions that expose weaknesses in their world view. In a nice way of course. You should see the little crowd that gathers :o)


  3. Too nice. Most atheist I’ve encountered are more excitable and obstreperous. Maybe a bit more Myers, Dawkins and Harris would be more convincing. But then, these are usually hiding behind keyboards, saying things that they would never dare say face-to-face. Even so, when you announced that you’re a Christian, they were stunned and disbelieving, so ya done good.

    By the way, I have always considered lying to include the intent to deceive. (This is because of some people who get bothered about making a mistake and thinking that the mistake was a lie.) I’ll deceive people for short periods for a joke or for a purpose, but like you did, I clear it up later.

    I’d like to see the kids after training and how they meet the challenges. Individual settings are markedly different, I hope they realize.

  4. […] from Stand to Reason, will sometimes visit Christian high schools or church youth groups and role-play as an atheist college professor attempting to discredit Christianity.[39] The young-adults (and sometimes the staff) are unaware […]