Just A Clump of Cells?

Posted: June 16, 2011 by Amy Hall in Do the Right Thing, Resources

Abort73.com created a video that visually brings home the idea that “Abortion, at any and every stage of pregnancy, kills a rapidly developing, genetically-distinct human being.” These images of prenatal development (including some incredible video) will be surprising to some, and Abort73 did a great job putting this together in a compelling way. Take three minutes to watch, then pass it on.

And take a look at the other resources available at Abort73. The video posted below isn’t graphic, but Alan uses images from another of their videos, “This Is Abortion” [warning: contains graphic images], when he defends the pro-life position. He does this to make clear the reality of what we’re talking about when discussing abortion.

The ancient Roman poet Horace said it well: “Less vividly is the mind stirred by what finds entrance through the ears than by what is brought before the trusty eyes, and what the spectator can see for himself.”

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