Has the Bible Been Changed?

Posted: June 13, 2011 by Amy Hall in God Has Spoken

From the newly featured article this week:

Remember the “Telephone” game? One child would start by whispering a message in another’s ear, she would then whisper to the next child, and so on. Finally, the last person in the telephone line would reveal a message so distorted from the original, the children would break out in laughter. Skeptics use this child’s game as a parallel to how the Bible has come down to us. Just like the final message of the telephone game, the New Testament is equally unreliable. Right? Wrong.

Brett explains the reasons why we can trust that “What We Have Is What Was Written,” including a link to an article by Greg that explains in more detail why the transmission of the Bible is fundamentally different from the game of “Telephone.” Be sure to take a look this week!

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