A Glimpse Into the New Boulder Mission Trip

Posted: June 8, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Events, God is Real, Resources

Last week I took 15 students and adults on our first-ever Boulder Mission Trip.  It’s designed just like our Berkeley Mission Trips but we’ve expanded eastward, hoping to make an apologetic mission trip available to more groups.  It was an incredible experience.  Here’s what a couple of the participants said about the trip:

  • “I had an AMAZING time at Boulder!  And God taught me so much through this trip and I can’t wait until next time.” — Rachel
  • “Every single student and leader left with a very positive view of the trip and very excited to go to Utah next spring.” — J.J
Here’s a quick glimpse into the trip…
  1. CSpurge says:

    Great idea, just teach more Van Til! 😉

  2. Peter Zupan says:

    Hello, I’m a member of the Secular Students and Skeptics Society, the CU Boulder Atheist ‘clut’ (I’m sure you meant ‘club’). We are updating our website, and would like to include our interaction with you in it. If you would like to write a more detailed review of your groups experience, as well as any comments from your students, we’d be happy to include it in our website. Please send anything to our email address so that we can format it. Best regards

  3. Andrew Swanson says:

    Thanks for posting this Brett. The trip was awesome, and I hope you will add more in the future for others to see what it was like.