Challenge Response: What if Someone Doesn’t Want to Listen?

Posted: April 15, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Etcetera, Weekly Challenge

Here’s my response to this week’s challenge:

  1. Sam Harper says:

    Good advice. Thanks!

    • Brett Kunkle says:

      Thanks Sam. After I posted it, I realized I accidentally left out your letter-writing suggestion. I had that in my notes to highlight because I really liked the idea, so here it is again for anyone who missed it: “Write her a letter. Then she can’t interrupt you. And everybody likes to get a letter in the mail. Not an email, but a letter! Invite her to write one back. People are sometimes more open in letters than in every day conversation.”

  2. Philip Motes says:

    Thanks for the response, Brett! Bringing her into a Christian community is a great idea that I didn’t think about. I also really liked the letter idea. It’s a shame that nobody writes letters anymore. This approach was played out quite nicely in Greg Boyd’s book “Letters From a Skeptic.” I disagree with Boyd on certain theological points, but I would still recommend that book if you haven’t read it.

  3. Mixon says:

    Awesome video! I do a street ministry run by my youth pastor called “coffee cart” and we just basically come every week for two hours and hand out coffee and hot dogs. And we’ve had at least one person start coming to church. Sometimes (especially with people on the streets) it’s really hard to listen because they come from such terrible back grounds.