I Brake for Genres

Posted: March 30, 2011 by Alan Shlemon in Events, God Has Spoken

Think a blog post about biblical interpretation is as irrelevant to you as the latest Britney Spears tabloid story?

Think again.

Few things will affect your spiritual health during your life than how you interpret the Bible.

I’ll admit that it doesn’t sound as sexy as discussing the latest Christopher Hitchens debate, but it will give you a foundation for how to respond to hundreds of challenges to your faith.

Here’s an example. Recently I spoke at a maximum security state prison to about 60 felons who are Christians. When the prisoner came into the room I was speaking at in their prison yard, several Muslims followed them in because they heard I was teaching about apologetics to Muslims (you can read about another part of the story here). One of the challenges that a Muslim raised was an argument, from the original Greek language of the Bible, that Mohammed is predicted in the Bible. Now, I don’t know Greek, but I was able to respond decisively to his argument because I knew some basic principles of biblical interpretation. That’s how powerful this stuff is.

This video is just a short clip of a recent class I taught on how to interpret the Bible. It’s only a teaser.


See my other post about the role of context in biblical interpretation here.


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