Challenging the Mormon Testimony

Posted: March 21, 2011 by Brett Kunkle in Choosing My Religion, Truth Matters
  1. Marty says:

    You are an IDIOT!!!! Somethings are obvious idiot, George Washington was obviously our president. Educate yourself. The questions you are posing are stupid.

    The Mormons are educated people. No, the mormons don’t pray to know if their wives loves th
    them. It is manifested by their actions.

    If you were secure in your beliefs you wouldn’t be bashing them. Humble yourself. Do you
    know all the answers? Even the Savior learned line upon line, precept upon precept. Please study how to really know the Savior, and how the Holy Ghost testifies to you. Remember the scripture that says, “He who asks for prove in everything is a slothful and unwise servant”. I
    leave you the challenge to really think about the things I am saying to you.

    You made the comment, “My testimony is better than yours”, how arrogant. Yes, Charles
    Manson had the testimony that as he killed people he was a greater person. Let God be the judge on whether your testimony is better than hers. How grateful I am that I am an educated person, but I don’t lean on my own knowledge when it comes to knowing God. He promises that he will send the Holy Ghost to testify to us of the truth. It might do you well to get down on your knees and apologize to everyone you have hurt by your arrogance.

    Study your scriptures and sincerely search and pray about them.

    Educate yourself before speaking about a church you don’t nothing about, Idiot again!!!

    The Mormons are the best people anyone can get to know. They live what they preach and that
    that is why YOU are jealous that they are the second fastest growing church in the world.
    They live good solid lives and don’t make any apologies for what they believe in .

    Do you ever see them bashing others beliefs?? NO, because they are SECURE in their
    beliefs and they wouldn’t be practicing Christianity by bashing.

    If you think you are a good Christian, isn’t it your duty to follow the Saviors example and
    teach them with love and kindness? Bashing people doesn’t get you anywhere.

    VERY SOON. I don’t like your kind of people – you say you follow JESUS, He never talked to people like you do.

    Educate yourself, put your faith to the test and do the right thing; become a true Christian
    like the MORMONS.

    Please humble yourself and try to sit back and learn how the HOLY Ghost teaches you. Study the scriptures, so you will know for sure, BUT you must pray sincerely not with arrogance.

  2. Amy Hall says:

    Marty, can you tell me what you mean by bashing? Brett always treats Mormons respectfully–he certainly wouldn’t call them names (like idiot) or make fun of them (he even explicitly says he wouldn’t treat them disrespectfully). That’s what I would consider to be bashing and bad treatment of others. I think you have misunderstood the principles he was trying to illustrate in this video. (And he actually said he wouldn’t just say, “My testimony is better than yours.” Perhaps you didn’t give this video a fair hearing.) He was merely trying to explain why our experience can’t be our final authority. Rather, the Word of God ought to be our final authority. The question is, how do we judge between people’s testimonies? The answer can only be the Word of God.

    Disagreeing with someone, and thinking they are wrong, and trying to help them see the truth is not “bashing” them. After all, this is the very thing Mormons do, as well. They believe that protestants have a very wrong view of God, and that their view of God and the plan of salvation is the correct one. Then they try to convince people that their view of God is the correct one. This doesn’t mean they’re insecure in their beliefs. The opposite is the case! It’s because of their confidence that they wish to convince others to join them in what they believe to be the truth. And they often offer reasons to others to try to convince them that their view is correct and our view is incorrect.

    In the same way, Brett is genuinely concerned for Mormons because their view of God conflicts with what God has revealed in the Bible. This means, if Brett cares at all for them, he ought to try to convince them that they are mistaken about God. There is much at stake here! And love tries to share the truth and draw people closer to God–and it does it in a respectful way.

    You are obviously very angry and emotional about this, but I urge you to take a little step back and look into some of the issues where we disagree with Mormons because of what we read in the Bible–before you join. It will be fruitful for you, even if you still end up joining. At least you will be aware of the issues and have a chance to think through them.