Friday Fun: Why Didn’t Baby Jesus Zap Herod?

Posted: March 4, 2011 by Amy Hall in Just for Fun

It’s always important to ask someone to help you answer your questions about Jesus.

  1. Jane Clark says:

    Baby Jesus was a BABY. He couldn’t even change his own diaper yet.
    This child does not understand God’s purposes are not like our own, and the minister is doing a terrible job of explaining to a child who does not really want to listen.
    And, Jesus does not forgive the unrepentant (he doesn’t forgive “everybody”).

  2. katie says:

    hahahahaa i love this

  3. crissy says:

    The little girl did a better job than the clergyman. But love that they’re thinking. Where did this come from? So funny. Thank Amy.

    • Amy Hall says:

      It’s from a British comedy called Outnumbered. I’d love to see some full episodes, but it’s not on Netflix, unfortunately.