Is Jesus the Only Way?

Posted: February 16, 2011 by Amy Hall in Jesus Changes Everything, Truth Matters

We’ve posted one of Brett’s articles from the Apologetics Study Bible for Students at STR Place on a subject that often comes up:

“Jesus is the only way to God” may be the most controversial claim of Christianity, so we had better have good reason for it. And I think we do.

The key to understanding the Christian claim that Jesus is the only way is to 1) understand that Christianity makes claims about reality, and 2) understand what it is that Christ accomplished for us.

We are conditioned by our culture to think of religion as a personal preference. We are told, “You’ve got yours, I’ve got mine and there’s no right one.” So, to claim Jesus is the only way to God is like claiming chocolate ice cream is the one true flavor. It sounds absurd. However, preference is the wrong category for religious truth, ice cream the wrong analogy.

Instead, we ought to think of religion the way we think of medicine. Each religion recognizes the world is sick and offers its own diagnosis, just as a doctor would. In addition, each religion offers a potential cure. And we don’t choose medicine like we choose dessert. It would be absurd to say, “Doctor, I prefer aspirin over chemotherapy.” Instead, we want to know what’s true. Which cure actually works. When you examine the diagnosis and cures offered by other religions, you discover they differ radically from Christianity.

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  1. Don says:

    While I think the ice cream versus medicine analogy certainly addresses the severity of the decision, I’m not confident that it addresses the singular nature of the solution. For instance, in the cancer scenario mentioned, what if the treatments were chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and/or surgery? All are common cancer treatments, none of them are guaranteed to be effective, and often they are combined to increase effectiveness. Also, comparing chemo to aspirin is like comparing apples to oranges.

    Though I can’t come up with a proper analogy, I would say that Jesus as a singular solution is more a matter of trust. Do you trust that your doctor will recommend the best procedure? Do you trust Jesus when he said “no one comes to the Father but through Me”?