Abortion is Ageism

Posted: January 10, 2011 by Amy Hall in Do the Right Thing

Click to see a real-life interaction between pro-life apologist Stephanie Gray and a Texas A&M University student. Her tactic is brilliant: abortion is ageism. The video is less than five minutes, and it’s always helpful to see how these ideas play out in a real conversation.

  1. yakamoz says:

    This is an incredibly disingenuous argument, and here’s why.

    The only way abortion is ageism is if I discriminate against fetuses, correct? That’s what ageism means – that abortion is akin to an employer who lays off only people over 40.

    To show ageism, you’d have to demonstrate that I’m fine with a teenager or an adult living off my endometrial tissue. Further you’re alleging some sort of

  2. yakamoz says:

    bias on my part against fetuses, when in fact I don’t want anyone of any age living off my body. Ergo, no ageism. My womb is not a room for rent – it’s me!

    To show this more clearly, consider kidney donations. It’s my kidney. I can give it to whomever I want. I don’t have to give it to the first person who comes along with a matching blood type.

    Another example is sex. I have every right to discriminate on the basis of whatever I want when it comes to whom I choose as a sexual partner. If someone puts a part of their body inside of my body without my explicit consent, that’s rape – even if I said no because the man was too old (omg ageism!). Do you get it?

    It’s my body. It’s my choice.