This Week’s Challenge

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Amy Hall in Etcetera, Weekly Challenge

This week’s challenge is (drum roll please)…”You’re Christian because You’re Western!” Okay, okay, so it sounds a little familiar. It seems I posted that last challenge a wee bit early. This will now be the official week of the “You’re Christian because You’re Western” challenge, and Brett will respond on Thursday. So now, without any further ado, I direct your attention to the challenge. Click through to the original post to read the full objection and leave your comments and ideas.

  1. Sam Harper says:

    Considering the fact that lots of people are western but not Christian (you, for example), obviously being western wasn’t enough to make me a Christian. Why else do you think I’m a Christian? And why does it matter? Isn’t the real issue whether or not Christianity is true?

  2. Doesn’t the same argument work against the atheist?
    Isn’t atheism mainly a product of western civilization?

    • Graffight says:

      no I don’t think atheism is a western idea. You could even consider some buddhists to be atheist. I think not believing in any god or gods is common throughout the world.

  3. Graffight says:

    I agree with Sam. I might use some sort of analogy like if there were 20 different high schools and each one of them believed there were a different number of states in America. And depending on what school you went to you likely would believe what you had been taught. What each school believes change the fact that there are 50 states? If I happened to go to a school that taught that there are 50 states would that only be true to me because I went to that school? On the other hand, would it be true because it is true? So in that situation how would you figure out what is actually true? If simply figuring out the origin of the belief won’t lead you to the truth, then it seems like the origin of MY belief holds no bearing on whether or not it’s true.

  4. Can I cheat and copy my previous answer on here? =)

    He seems to think that Christianity isn’t true because I would have believed differently if I was born in some other country. How exactly does that follow? He wouldn’t be an atheist if he was raised in country “x”. Does it follow from that that atheism isn’t true? He probably wouldn’t think so. This isn’t a positive case towards Christianity, but it removes the teeth from the argument.

    He also assumes to have an objective standpoint. He seems to think that he’s risen above this cultural indoctrination and can see things the way they truly are. However, how does he know he hasn’t been “indoctrinated” in some way? Perhaps by his parents or his college professors or people he’s looked up to in the past. Before he asks that question to Christians, he ought to be asking himself.