Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

Posted: November 23, 2010 by Amy Hall in Intelligently Designed

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving, we’re taking a break from the challenges this week. Instead, watch this real-life challenge–a panel debate on the question, “Does the Universe Have a Purpose?” featuring Richard Dawkins and William Lane Craig. (The introduction is in Spanish, but the debate is in English.)

  1. It’s interesting to me that they had all scientists on the atheist side and two philosophers and a rabbi on the theists side. It would have been nice to see at least one theistic scientist on the panel to get his view on things. Heck, even an atheistic philosopher may have been good; perhaps he would have known not to fall for the idea that only science can answer relevant questions. The blatant scientism on the atheists side shocked me, as did some of their emotionally charged comments and insults (ok maybe I wasn’t that shocked). But seriously, what does homosexuality have to do with this? Why openly belittle your opponents with insults? The atheists seem to think that by saying “God did it,” the theists are negating the natural processes and mechanisms that made it happen. I wish the theistic side would have explained that they’re not, but perhaps time didn’t permit that.

    There’s some starting thoughts. I’d like to see what others have to say.

    • Sam Harper says:

      I think they use insults because it works. I’ve noticed a common theme amongst Dawkins fans, more than the usual atheists I’ve encountered. They’re all kind of rude, condescending, and immature, but they don’t argue very well, and they seem to be incapable of civil discussion. Dawkins appeals to these kinds of people, I think. These are the kind of people who are impressed by Dawkins.