Qur’an’s View of the Bible Can Support Your Efforts to Share Your Faith with Muslims

Posted: October 27, 2010 by Alan Shlemon in Choosing My Religion, God Has Spoken

Muslims say the Bible has been corrupted. But I’ve argued in my book that although Muslims make this claim, the Qur’an does not. This turns out to be a handy fact when sharing your faith with Muslims.

Abdu Murray, who was recently interviewed on the Stand to Reason radio show, made a similar observation while he was still a Muslim.

“One day while reading my Qur’an, I came across a very familiar passage in Al-Maidah 5:46-47. I had read this passage dozens of times before. But the plain meaning of the passage struck me this time. By using the present tense in referring to the Gospel, this passage clearly taught that the true Gospel was in existence in Muhammad’s time. Otherwise, the admonition for the People of the Book to ‘judge according to what was revealed’ in the Gospel would be meaningless. Perplexed, I looked at other Qur’anic verses and found that they confirmed the same thing (e.g. Al-Maidah, v. 43-44; 47, 68). This compelled me to investigate the Bible. In my research I found that the overwhelming evidence proves that the Torah and Gospel we have today are the same as those in existence during Muhammad’s time and before. Thus, it was my duty as a Muslim to read these books openly and find out the truths that lay within.”

Muslims don’t believe what the New Testament says about Jesus because they believe it is corrupted. But after honestly reading what the Qur’an said about the Bible, Abdu realized the Qur’an endorsed the Bible as a reliable source of divine revelation. Since the Qur’an was an unassailable authority in Abdu’s mind, he had to accept its view of the Bible. And this opened his mind to consider the claims of Christ found in the New Testament.

I flesh this tactic out more thoroughly in my booklet, An Ambassador’s Guide to Islam. You can buy it in print or PDF edition. I don’t make a penny of its sale. I recommend it simply because it’s a handy resource that supports whatever method you choose to share your faith.

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