Here’s Why Unborn Human Beings Are as Valuable as Adult Human Beings

Posted: September 22, 2010 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing

Abortion-choice advocates often disqualify unborn humans from being as valuable as born humans. But it turns out there are only four differences between an unborn and a born human. None of those differences are morally relevant and, therefore, don’t disqualify the unborn from being valuable and protected.

This video explains what those four differences are. It was taken last week when I took a three day bioethics class at Biola University.  Scott Klusendorf, who worked for us at Stand to Reason, taught on abortion. Here he was teaching on the S.L.E.D. test. If you want to master the pro-life position, this is one concept you can’t do without. I teach on this every time I speak on abortion.

  1. Samuel says:

    I more or less agree with your reasoning, but that doesn’t change the fact that abortion is an entirely necessary practice in our society. It’s sad, but abortion is the lesser of two evils. There are 1.35 million abortions performed in the US per year… around 45% of those children, if they were born, would have entered homes where one or more of the parents didn’t want them or couldn’t afford to take care of them, and adoptions don’t occur frequently enough to keep up with this number. So what’s worse… stifling these human beings existences (with the consent of their parents) before they are even conscious of it, or adding to the obscene amount of US citizens living in poverty?

    Could our welfare programs absorb this vast number of additional subscribers each year? No. Could the developing countries where most of the worldwide abortions occur maintain order without this roundabout means of population control? No. It sucks, but abortion is the absolutely necessary.

    • Justin says:

      Really?? Murder is a “lesser evil” than living in poverty? We should be “stifling these human beings existences” because their lives might not be as good as yours? I’ve heard some ridiculous arguments for abortion, but this is just silly. And it’s not even close to comprehensive. Many mothers who have their children aborted are perfectly capable of caring for them. And, on top of that, there are actually many couples out there right now WAITING for infants to adopt. It’s hard to find an infant to adopt in this country. Abortion is anything but necessary – it’s seen as a convenience, and that is simply a shame.

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  3. Timothy Underwood says:

    First, I value eighteen year olds more than toddlers.

    Second if we treat a “right to life” as existing past a certain developmental point, which toddlers are beyond, both the toddler and the eighteen year old would equally have a right to life, but the embryo clearly would not.

    You may be right that the opponent of abortion rights must pick one of the issues as significant though.