Religion in the Modern World

Posted: September 17, 2010 by Brett Kunkle in Just for Fun

This is hilarious. And a true picture of what you’ll find on a college campus.

  1. Sam Harper says:

    That’s hilarious, but so true! My professor’s named was “Steve.”

    • Samuel says:

      To all the high school kids who might happen upon this…
      I’d just like to point out that University is NOTHING like what is depicted in the video. I’m a senior at a rather conservative state university in the south, and have never encountered anything like this in my 145+ credit hours of time here. If a prof did conduct lecture like this then they could expect attendance to drop to zero and complaints to roll in.

      And btw… Enough with the crusades against education… you’re making these high school kids think its’ a bad thing to receive a quality modern education by posting things like this and all the anti-science garbage on here.

      • Amy Hall says:

        Maybe it’s a generational thing, and all these guys from the 60s have retired now, but I had a professor exactly like this when I was in college 15 years ago. He even got us all into a circle like this, and he was simultaneously creepy intrusive and buffoonish. And passive aggressive like you wouldn’t believe–exactly like this guy. I laughed so hard when I saw this because it reminded me so much of that professor. I left after one class…or rather, it was more of a “session.” But some people ate it up.

        I had another professor who began semesters by asking the Christians to raise their hands and telling them they should probably leave. That was a film class. It was the guy who wrote “3 Ninjas.” I can think of two other professors right off the top of my head who were aggressively anti-Christian. Not everyone goes to a “conservative state university in the south”!

        But none of this means kids shouldn’t get an education, and nowhere will you find Brett arguing against students going to college. In fact, you’ll find everything Brett does is meant to prepare students to attend universities, not to scare students away from them.

  2. “Stanford Nutting”, LOL!