Alan Asks Samuel about Abortion

Posted: June 10, 2010 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing

Alan asks 16 year-old Samuel a question about abortion.

  1. Tee Ar says:

    Ethics is the branch of Philosophy that assigns boundaries to the extent that we may affect other volitional entities.

    Devotees of Eastern Mysticism (Hindus or Buddhists) or of the New Age Cult said that Stones are Persons that therefore should not be broken for construction of driveways[*]. However, fetal creatures may be divided for experimentation or sale. They define themselves, or a guru/ Maitreya as the Reference Point.

    Israel’s King Shlomo says, “The fear of YaHWeH/ the Eternal One is the beginning of wisdom, …” (Book of Proverbs).
    * — According to Michael Coffman, Dr. of Forestry, in circa 1993, when the U.N. appointed the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, in Glan, Switzerland, to write rules {“Assesment Report”} for the enforcement of a proposed Biodiversity Treaty.