Unashamed Conference for Students

Posted: April 19, 2010 by Brett Kunkle in Events

Hey students, for those of you in Southern California here’s a great conference on Saturday, May 8:  Unashamed 2010.  I’ll be there to talk about truth and there are a bunch of other speakers as well.  If you go, make sure you come say “hi” to me!

  1. Tee Ar says:

    I hope that it addresses the apparent incoherence between Matthew 3.17 (compare with 12.18) versus Mark 1.11 & Luke 3.22. Even the MacArthur Study Bibles don’t say much, nor does his Commentary (Mat. 1 – 7). A R.C.C. apologist at Facebook* ited “Against Heresies” section 3.3.4 by Irenæus pertaining to Matthew’s chronological priority & Aramaic authographa (“the language of the Hebrew people”). Maybe Jews, before the Claudian diaspora, tried to make the heavenly voice at Jesus’ baptism sound like Isaiah 42, in order to moderate the Jews’ boycott?

    The video accompanying it (ASBfS) won’t run
    (Windows 7, HP Notebook).
    * — in “Jesus Christ — a man or God?”, page 3 @