Abortion Debate Tomorrow

Posted: April 19, 2010 by Alan Shlemon in Events

Tomorrow, I’m debating a women’s study professor on the legality of abortion at California State University, San Marcos. Event information can be found here. The local news has picked up the story.

  1. David says:

    I think the reason that we loose ground in the abortion debate is because we have have become to pragmatic and worldly in our argumentation. I think the key point that Christians need to make in this debate is that mankind is God’s image bearer. That point is the foundation to our view of sanctity of life. I also don’t like the term “pro life” because we also should be for capital punishment. I prefer the term anti-abortion because that keeps the issue squarely out there.

  2. The real fruit of this argument I believe, is the question…”Is it a life or not?” If it is a life than the answer becomes very simple from a legal, and moral stand-point. And that answer is murder. And If It’s murder than we all bare responsibility of the rights of the life to-be-born! Which begs the question. If it is indeed a life, than how many more people are we willing to ellect in branches of government that are agnostic on this important issue? At over 1 million lives each and every year!