Pro-life Behavior, Not Just Attitude

Posted: April 8, 2010 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing
Camp Joshua students interviewing two guys

Camp Joshua students survey two guys

The students of Oregon Right to Life’s Camp Joshua are not content to just talk about being pro-life, they want their behavior to reflect their beliefs. Recently, I had the chance to train them in the art of pro-life persuasion. The next day, I took them to downtown Portland and had them practice their skills. We used an informal survey as an excuse to begin conversations with people walking around. It was just a simple yes/no survey about abortion, but it led to many conversations.

The result? The students actually talked to pro-choice people and got to practice changing minds about abortion. It was real-world training. They didn’t just listen passively to a lecture, but they role-played their skills with each other and then practiced them with pro-choice advocates on the street. They’re now more confident to talk about abortion with anyone at school or home.

Not only was it an excellent time of training, but it turned out to save a life. One of the student groups surveyed a young guy whose female friend was pregnant and was planning to abort her child. During the survey, they began talking about abortion. The students used some of the tactics I taught them the day before to change the guy’s mind about abortion. He said he would talk to his friend who was planning to abort. The students swapped phone numbers with the guy and later found out that his female friend decided to keep the baby and moved in with her family who was willing to support and care for her.

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